5 make-up tips to be irresistible at an art opening

Today the editorial staff of Maison Melem France presents Clementine Meimoun. Better known under the pseudonym @clem_mua5, she has almost 18,000 followers on Instagram. Based in Paris, the radiant make-up artist reveals her 5 tips for being irresistible at an art opening

Hello Clementine, please introduce yourself in a few words

Instagrammer before being a make-up artist, it was in 2017 that I decided to make a professional reconversion and live from my passion, make-up. I graduated from the Makeup Forever Academy in 2018.

What a pleasure to do what you love.

The COVID-19 has challenged my profession but has confirmed my choice.

I took the time to perfect the new techniques and to carry out my projects which will arrive soon.

What would be the perfect make-up for a vernissage?

For a vernissage, you need chic makeup that remains discreet.

The liner/lipstick combo is the ideal makeup in my opinion. To achieve it you need :

- An eyeliner (the one from Huda Beauty) that lengthens the eyes and gives this little feline side, you can use it on the lash line for a discreet effect or from the internal corner of the eye by stretching the liner to the outer corner for a cat-eye effect.

- A good mascara that lengthens your lashes and gives volume (millions cils from L'Oréal)

For the complexion, there is nothing better than a CC cream for a fresh and unified complexion (cc cream from Erborian)

- A bronzer of the brand of your choice and a blush.

- For the lips, red lipstick is a Classic, I have a preference for matte liquids (the "love me" from Mac Cosmetics) that does not move and will last all evening.

A simple makeup that will attract all eyes.

Is lipstick essential for an art gallery opening?

Lipstick is essential, it finishes the make-up. A well-designed mouth is a detail that attracts all eyes.

If you dare to use red, avoid overloading the eyes to obtain a beautiful harmony.

The perfect combination of black eyeliner and red lipstick.

There are those women who are in favor of discreet make-up, but there are also those women artists who have an eccentric side and prefer a make-up that pulsates, would you have a make-up look fetish for them?

The liner is the element that allows you to let your imagination run free, whether you are classic or eccentric.

It comes in many different forms, the most famous being the classic, the feline, the pinup, the Egyptian, the drama. You can also use different colors, I love to do very graphic neon liner for shoots. The trend of the moment is the cat eyeliner, it is drawn around the eye, stretched to the extreme to lengthen the look. I combine it with nude lipstick to soften.

I'll get out my lip glosses when the mask is no longer compulsory, I can't wait for May 15.

If you had a make-up secret to share with our readers, what would it be?

A little tip: To make your lipstick last longer, don't hesitate to powder your lips with a loose powder before applying it, it will last longer.

What are your current make-up inspirations for an exhibition?

I think of the famous make-up artist Pat Macgrath, who regularly does very metallic looks, double liners.

A real inspiration on Instagram, if you're looking for originality.

Let's inspire each other.