7 question to Armelle Pépin

Let's meet this week the first woman painter from Quebec represented by our gallery. A humble and exceptional woman artist by the quality of her artistic work that leaves no one indifferent. Discover without further delay the 7 questions asked to Armelle Pépin from Quebec!

Armelle Pépin, woman painter from Quebec, represented by the gallery la maison Melem France

How do you experience the lockdown as an artist?

In Quebec, as in many other parts of the world, confinement leads to closures, travel restrictions and a curfew since January. That being said, the confinement has a beneficial impact as it allows me to stop and spend more time in my studio. It has given me the opportunity to be more involved in my art and to explore my color scheme more.

For you, what is the place of women in art in 2021?

We are entering a new era. Women must be more and more present in this field. She has things to say, let's not forget that she is the cradle of creativity by nature, she is at the heart of procreation, this creativity is an intrinsic part of who she is. She can pass her messages through Art, whether it is to state or denounce what is happening in our community.

Here in Quebec, we find women in different spheres of creativity such as painting, think of Corneau, Marcelle Ferron co-signatory of the Refus Global, Jeannette Bertrand who today at 95 years old still has things to say, this woman has marked the generations of Quebec by questioning the role of women, she is known for her various writings and television programs. The cinema is not left out with directors such as Denise Filiatrault, Léa Pool and others.

Tell us about your background?

Self-taught, I started painting full-time in 2011. In order to perfect my artistic path, I went to different teachers to get training in drawing and painting. The influence of the group Magenta Blues and its founder Francine Labelle played an important role in my way of expression. Having worked with pastel and a little oil, my medium of choice is without a doubt acrylic. The color, the stain, the line become the very expression of who I am. With the meeting of colors, I can express this world of creativity that inhabits me.

Each canvas is a state of being manifested in the unconscious, of emotionality that only asks to be expressed. Sometimes it emerges on landscapes without names, sometimes on abstractions in their pure state. Inviting the viewer to travel in his own universe. The goal is to bring the viewer to connect with his own state of mind, with the emotions that inhabit him when his eye meets my inner eye.

What is your favorite dish?

Very diverse, I am looking for flavors and smells that will excite my taste buds. I like to try new recipes and especially to modify them.

Why do you exhibit at the Melem France gallery?

When you contacted me, I went to see your story and it won me over. Your House gives the place essentially to the woman, you allow us to take place on the market... bravo for your initiative. Your approach, your seriousness, your dynamism convinced me to do business with you.

Do you manage to close sales in this period of crisis?

The year 2020 was a year beyond my expectations, because despite the fact that I had several symposiums and exhibitions to cancel I concluded a dozen sales through my internet network.

However, 2021 is shaping up to be a slower year. At the time of writing, the various events are awaiting government decisions. I have to be more proactive on FB which is not easy.

Are you thinking of expanding your activity or reinventing yourself?

For the moment I continue to paint to perfect my art, painting is my leitmotiv in this time of pandemic and uncertainty. I am continuously looking for this creative language that allows me to express. Reinventing myself? Each painting becomes unique, affirming my contribution as a woman living in an evolving society. The important thing for me is to continue my journey.