7 questions to Carole puéo

This week we meet the talented French artist Carole Puéo in her studio. Let's go for the 7 questions to Carole Puéo !!!

Who is Carole Puéo?

Carole Puéo, painter. I am passionate about literature, music and art.

I have a background as a visual artist but also as an art historian. And I think that this double curriculum feeds my thinking and my painting.

How long have you been a painter?

If I have always painted, the fact of exhibiting it is relatively recent, about 5 years. The encounter of my work with the public was a decisive step. It motivates and enriches me.

What influence do you think your paintings have on the public?

The cultural sector has suffered a lot from this year of pandemic, exhibiting has become very complicated. Fortunately, there is still the web to show one's work and exchange.

It is however difficult for me to answer this question... I can more easily talk about the artists who influence me. I hope in any case that my painting questions and challenges.

Why did you choose to become a painter?

By becoming a painter, I am fulfilling a childhood dream. I think you become a painter because you have things to say, whether you are a committed painter or not.

I have images in my head, dreams, anger sometimes, painting makes me happy.

What is your favorite food?

I like food that smells of sun and spices.

Moussaka is one of my favorite dishes. Accompanied by a good wine because I am from Burgundy.

Women painters are even less visible compared to their fellow artists of the opposite sex, how do you explain this?

Yes, it's undeniable... Women artists are still largely under-represented in the collections of museums and contemporary art centers. And these works, when they do exist, lie dormant in attics.

This can be explained by the reluctance of collectors to invest in works by women artists, but also by the wider problem of the desire to show them. This lack explains why there are few publications and research by art historians on women artists. Artists and works therefore remain unknown.

There have already been some fine initiatives to encourage gender equality in the art world, notably under the impetus of institutions. However, they remain too rare.

It is therefore necessary above all to question these conventions that confine women to "women's art", to show their work in order to reflect the multiplicity and quality of their artistic approaches.

Why did you agree to exhibit your paintings at the Maison Melem gallery?

The Maison Melem France project, as you have created and thought about it Marina, is exactly the kind of beautiful initiative I was talking about just now. It is about promoting the work of women artists, offering them the opportunity to show their work. The gallery shows that their artistic production is diverse, multiple and eclectic. I am very happy and proud to participate in this beautiful project!