7 questions to Delphine Mousquey

Self-taught and committed woman, it is with pleasure that we went to meet Delphine Mousquey, French Artist Painter represented by Melem France. Discover her interview without further delay!

Hello Delphine, could you briefly introduce yourself please ?

Delphine Mousquey, self-taught painter. And if I am what one calls a child of the ball

(both my parents are painters and sculptors), I have only been doing this for about fifteen years. That is to say, I am an easel painter, mainly with oils but also with ink, pigments, linoleum... In short, everything that allows me to stage what I have in my head.

Did you know from childhood that you would end up as a painter?

No, it wasn't since I was a child. As a child, I saw myself as a writer. I spent my life "getting high" by inventing all sorts of stories. It was much later that I came face to face with the "profession" that my family did. And it wasn't easy, between vitality and impostor syndrome. But I finally found a balance and I am fully happy when I create.

What are your sources of inspiration?

My inspirations: life, no, in fact, a mishmash of many things that I put through the mill in my spaces of silence and digestion. My life as a woman, my headaches and laughter, my anger at the world and, always, Beauty. Insects from my garden, flowers, animals, films, women smiling in the street, paintings that I see in exhibitions or on Instagram. In short, many things. It's enough that it touches me for me to keep it in a corner of my head.

Why did you agree to exhibit your work at the gallery La Maison Melem France?

Why La Maison Melem? I think I liked the fact that it was a newcomer without the preconceived notions of French galleries: to put it bluntly, the Conceptual, which is invading the entire French visual arts landscape. And especially the fact that it was a woman who wanted to defend women. It's certainly becoming a cliché these days, but it's not so obvious, because once you've said that, you haven't said anything yet. It's exciting to be part of this adventure.

What do you think are the advantages?

The advantages are that you are not alone. There is always strength in numbers. A new point of view on what I produce and benevolence. As for the rest, it's still too early to tell...

Is the fact that the gallery La Maison Melem France cannot exhibit your work at the moment a hindrance for you?

It's not a hindrance for the moment, a physical gallery is a specific place with an environment that must get to know what this gallery is and who it defends. This takes time and I am aware of this. So the web, with all the current communication tools, is pretty good.

Do you think that women artists have a bright future in the contemporary art world?

The female artist has always had a bright future in art. The woman artist is still a singularity, but I hope that she is less and less so. Today, it is up to us to show and not demonstrate that our art is alive and well and that it has something to say about ourselves and our times.

The works of the painter Delphine Mousquey are currently available in our gallery.