7 questions to Eva Sonaike

Today the editors of Melem France magazine stopover in London to ask 7 questions to the most colorful interior designer, the very inspiring Eva Sonaike.

Hi Eva, can you describe yourself in a few words for our readers?

My name is Eva Sonaike, the Creative Director and Founder of the London-based interiors textiles company by the same name.

I am a passionate and energetic woman, who lives and breathes interior design and has a passion for African textiles and design.

My work encapsulates luxury African modernism for everyday living.

Where did you start to get to where you are today, can you tell us about your journey?

I was born in Germany to Nigerian parents and grew up in a home filled with great design, color, and art. From an early age, I was very interested in interior design but pursued a career in journals first where

I specialised in fashion and design.

But after several years as a senior fashion journalist, I want to pursue what I was passionate about and founded my interiors company. It grew over the years and we are now one of the leading African interiors companies in the world.

As a black woman, was it difficult for you to assert your place as a designer in the world of luxury?

Yes, there we are, and are definite challenges, but I always believed in my purpose and my mission and took every closed door as an encouragement to work harder and smarter.

Can you tell us a little more about your background and the influence it has had on your textile and home accessories brand?

My parents' home and my upbringing were are a great influence on my overall design aesthetic. Growing up in Germany and celebrating two such different cultures equally.

I always had an eye for color and design and can use it to change the design of my teenage room regularly.

What do you think about the theme of our gallery? The fact that it is the first all-female gallery.

I love the theme that your galley specializes solely in female artists. I feel that the works of art and design can be still very male-led and brings together artist from all over the continent.

Does this kind of gallery also exist in London?

Not as far as I know.

Do you have any women designers who inspire you in particular?

I love the works of Lina Iris Viktor. Her use of color and contrast is just so sublime. I would love to own one of her pieces.

You can find Eva Sonaike's textile and home accessories creations on her website : WWW.EVASONAIKE.COM

And also on Instagram: @EVASONAIKE