7 Questions to Karine Sebban

Bright colors, lime paint, it tells you something? Find this week the interview of the pretty French painter from the south of France, Karine Sebban!

The French painter Karine Sebban

Karine, you are a painter and co-manager of a store of interior objects, can you tell us a little more about it?

I created almost 2 years ago, aimé with my sister. It's a bohemian and poetic universe that revolves around clay and paper to sublimate the interior of the house. I am the creator of objects that decorate the walls of the house with a permanent search for singularity. These are unique pieces produced in limited editions.

How do you manage to reconcile the two jobs?

These two activities come together and sometimes complement each other. I have been painting for several years now, I unveiled my work about 5 years ago very gradually. The desire to work the material more in volume has materialized by creating loved. But I always keep in my head the work that I like so much; that of the lime that I apply with the taloche on the canvas.

These two activities have an essential place in my daily life.

Color plays an essential role in your paintings, how do you work with it?

The color, I am lucky to be able to create it, painting is a form of language, to be able to communicate differently by the words. the hot colors... cold colors, those that have pep, energy, softness.

In what style of art would you define yourself?

It's difficult for me to put myself in a category. I paint more by instinct, it is always an emotion that I retransmit through my work.

How do you proceed with the creation of a painting?

As I said, I work on instinct, emotion, a feeling, an encounter. And then the color is chosen, and I apply it with the help of the trowel, my partner who helps me to tame this material to leave it matt or to iron it to make it shiny.

What are your influences?

I am totally self-taught, it is a world that I know little. For me, art is all around me, in our daily lives. My childhood, my origins inspire me and influence me very certainly.

I have of course some artists in reference like the inescapable Pierre SOULAGE, Jean DUBUFFET for his sculptures and his black and white lines, Julian OPIE for his minimalism, Hopper for the choice of his colors which warm up his scenes which invite you to enter the painting directly! and Fabienne VERDIER for her monumental work which makes me dream.

Why did you choose lime paint for your works?

I chose lime paint because it is a mineral material that has a somewhat heavy consistency, and it seems alive to me. When it dries, it metamorphoses, it always reacts differently, it is full of surprises. That's why I used the word "tame" earlier (laughs...)