7 Questions to Kristine Tsala

Yes, it's already Monday! And this time, it's in Central Africa that we're stopping over, we're taking you to Cameroon to discover the 7 questions asked to the painter Kristine Tsala

Kristine Tsala

Tell us about your encounter with art?

When I was very young I used to draw on everything and everywhere. For example, I used to make pocket money in high school by drawing greeting cards. I needed determination and passion to follow the path of art and especially to make it accepted in the family.

You live in Cameroon, so in Central Africa, what is the relationship that Cameroonians have with art?

The relationship between art and Cameroonians is promising because all social classes are interested in art. The Internet and social networks facilitate the visualization of works of art and contact with artists. The curiosity and the reappropriation of our identity, the return to the sources push them inexorably towards art.

Clin d'oeil by Kristine Tsala, acrylic on canvas, 110x90cmx 2 (diptych) , unique

What are your current projects?

My most immediate project is the development of my new artistic writing.

Afrika portrait by Kristine Tsala, acrylic on canvas, 110 x 90, unique

What is your favorite dish?

My favorite dish is a local dish called: OK OK!

It is a typical dish from the central region, it is a mixture of finely chopped vegetables, with palm nut juice, mixed with roasted peanut paste.

It can be eaten sweet or savory.

What do you want to represent through your art?

For 10 years, my artistic creation has been focused on the therapy of well-being, the surpassing of oneself, the positivity, the dynamism of women in an aesthetic of "appearance".

Today I feel the need to explore more deeply society in its psychology, the human condition, the derision of emotions, the inner fragility. This internal and passive violence.

Confidences by Kristine Tsala, acrylic on canvas, 160 x 120, unique

According to you, what does Maison Melem France represent?

Maison Melem France is a magnificent gallery that promotes and discovers of female artistic talents. It connects women artists in the world to each other humanly and artistically. They discover each other and then discover their artistic work as well. It is a project to be encouraged and supported because there are not many of them in the art world which remains dominated by men.

Do you have any exhibition projects in France or outside your native country?

Currently, I am preparing a solo exhibition for Benin and also a collaboration in a project deco - art - Africa in Abidjan this year.

The exhibitions scheduled for the West have been postponed because of the covid 19 to unknown dates...