7 questions to Mira Melki

Today the editorial staff takes you to Lebanon with the sparkling Mira Melki.

We asked her 7 questions to find out more about her love for ceramics.

Who is Mira Melki?

Mira Melki is a mother of twins who has a love for ceramics. My brand is the pure fruit of the Lebanese soul's craftsmanship and the vibrations of the Mediterranean breeze.

How did you get the idea to start a ceramic business?

The whole concept emerged after I became the mother of a pair of identical twins living on a pine hill overlooking the Mediterranean. I wanted something new in my life - I am an interior designer and this complements my work.

Why did you choose this material for your creations?

This material is a natural material, ceramics is the art of firing clay, the return to the earth and the fact that I use this material in many ways with many techniques helped me to choose this material. My creations are earthy and organic with a touch of traditional style combining ceramics with olive or oak leaves, traditional rattan prints, just like my homeland, a mixture of emotions, a mosaic of culture... that's ceramics

Where can we find your creations?

I participate in several pop-ups in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

You are originally from Lebanon, according to your experience as a Lebanese woman artist, what place does the woman artist or designer occupy in your country of origin Lebanon?

Lebanon needs us more than anything in this time of crisis he needs his craftmanship more than ever. (he needs his craftmanship more than ever.) I was born, raised, married, and became a mother in my home country. I am a pure Lebanese "product" just like my ceramics. They are what I am but in stone... I breathe my Lebanon, I smell my Lebanon, I suffer from my Lebanon and I love my Lebanon. "Mettre les mains à la pâte" is a French expression that means to put one's hands in the dough, that is to say, to get involved in the heart, which I feel totally when I make my ceramics.

Do you already have several orders?

Yes, there is no end to it.

Would you be interested in collaborations or partnerships to show your ceramic wonders?

I certainly would!