7 Questions to Moira McAinsh

Moira McAinsh is a Scottish painter specializing in recuperative art and a former fashion designer living in France. Through the interview, 7 questions to Moira McAinsh, discover her universe as well as her very controversial personality, soft and strong at the same time!

What materials do you work with?

The piles of fashion and decoration magazines that I have accumulated in my career as a stylist as well as beautiful books are the raw material for my paintings. I recover paper... and especially images that speak to me. I then cut them out and give them a new life on my paintings. It's so many colors, reliefs and details that I can compose with.

What are your sources of inspiration?

After dressing the women, I paint them: portraits of women in ribbons, dancers... I am also fascinated by animals. I find them majestic and graceful. Elephants, giraffes, lions, rhinoceroses... have joined my bestiary.

Name three faults and three qualities.

Patience because I can spend hours, days, weeks cutting and assembling thousands of pieces of paper with meticulousness. Whereas for other things I can be totally impatient ;-). I'm a bon vivant, I love to cook and share the table with friends and at the same time I have a wild side which is certainly reflected in my paintings. As an Aries, I'm a go-getter, even stubborn. But I think I owe my progress, no matter what life throws at me, to a healthy dose of resilience and my ever-changing creativity.

What is your artistic DNA?

Recup'art. Starting from what exists to create something new, rich, and dense. Painting is like constructing a garment, starting with a thread or a fabric to give it a shape, a look.

What is your creative process?

Once I have the idea of a painting in my head, I draw the broad strokes with a pencil. I fill in the backgrounds and then I start to collage the papers I have cut out beforehand. I then paint the details, such as the elephant's tusks. Finally, I outline some of the collages to bring out the shapes and the idea of splitting them up.

What is your favorite dish?

Fondue savoyarde, even in summer! I'm originally from Scotland but I've come to embrace French cheeses and not just a little!

Why did you choose to become a painter?

To be able to do this all day long! I have this constant need to create and make something with my hands. I always knew that I would come to painting and that it would never leave me.