7 questions to Muriel Ferstenberg

At the beginning of this week we have the great pleasure to present you the 7 questions we asked to Muriel Ferstenberg, French painter. Discover her interview without further delay!

Muriel Ferstenberg, French painter

How did it feel to collaborate with Francis Cabrel?

It made me happy because I always appreciated the songs with text.

So to illustrate them in painting, was a good memory.

Muriel Ferstenberg in three words?

Involvement, sincerity, openness.

Your favorite dish?

Carpaccio tomatoes mozarella, simple and fresh!

How do you recognize the work of Muriel Ferstenberg ?

By a line, a character, or an animal, which would have its word to say. As for the colors, those who supposedly do not marry, are sometimes those who get along best.

Your sources of inspiration?

The elements are a source of inspiration for me. I have always been touched by the Indians who respected them more than anything. This is probably why animals are often represented in my paintings. Nature is stronger than anything.

Tell us the most striking anecdote of your career as a woman artist?

Anecdote is not the word I would use. It's more like sadness. To notice for a long time that women are too little present in the galleries. Do we have less to express? I think sometimes, it is rather the opposite.

A word of encouragement for women artists?

Encouragement is difficult for me to have any, I am only a woman artist among the others. With her strength and at the same time her fragility. What I am sure of, however, is that we all have our place in art. Yesterday, today, like tomorrow.