Women artists in art history : Frida Kahlo

It is impossible to talk about women who have made art history without mentioning Frida Kahlo, the renowned Mexican painter. Zoom in on the poignant story of the 20th century icon, Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo Getty image

Magdalena Frida Carmen Khalo Calderon, also known as Frida Kahlo, was born in 1907 in Mexico. As a child, she was struck down by poliomyelitis. A disease that earned her the nickname of "the little lame one".

At the age of 18, on her way home from art school, the bus she has on collided violently with a tram. An iron bar seriously injured the artist, leaving her with serious after-effects. What saved her? Painting. And it was in her bed, facing her reflection, that she painted most of her works, self-portraits. The artist Frida Kahlo was also very committed to the evolution of the status of women and the emancipation of women.